Clinical Study of Fundus changes in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.

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Nidhi Raghav
Sarita Aggarwal
Somesh Ranjan
Poonam Juneja
Acid Dholakia
Aditi Sinha


The study's objective is to determine the prevalence of fundus changes based on age and the severity of HDP and to establish the value of fundus examination in HDP patients in order to monitor the course of the disease and choose the best course of treatment.A cross-sectional research involving patients who had been diagnosed with HDP upon admission was also included. The case records contained information on age, racial background, gravidity, gestational age, blood pressure, and proteinuria. The fundus examination was performed in the ward itself after dilating the pupils with a direct and indirect ophthalmoscope and obtaining consent and a medical history for any eye problems. On a data sheet, all the findings were recorded and examined.Result : In this study, the age range of 20 to 30 years showed the highest occurrence. majorly primigravida.Of 84 cases, 41 (48.80%) were diagnosed with mild preeclampsia, 28 (33.35%)  were of severe preeclampsia and 15 (17.85%) were of eclampsia. . According to the grading, 21 (51.20%) showed category I hypertensive changes. 12(29.26%) were II category changes. Categories III and IV were 6(14.64%) and 2(4.9%) respectively. Out of 41 patients who had mild preeclampsia 8 ( 19.5%) showed positive fundus changes . Out of 28 patients with severe preeclampsia, 23 ( 82.1%)  had  fundus changes and out total 15 cases of eclampsia , 13(86.6%)  cases had positive fundus findings. Conclusion: Fundus changes reveal important objective information in HDP and help in its early detection and treatment.

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Nidhi Raghav, Sarita Aggarwal, Somesh Ranjan, Poonam Juneja, Acid Dholakia, & Aditi Sinha. (2023). Clinical Study of Fundus changes in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 25–31. Retrieved from


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