Management of Limited Interocclusal Space Using Castableabutment - A Clinical Case

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Pardeep Bansal
Preetika Bansal
Kannupriya Aggarwal
Rithika Elsa George
Prabjeet Kaur


The choice of either cement or screw to retain the prosthesis depends on the clinician’s preference. Both treatment modalities have their advantages and disadvantages. Cement retained has better aesthetics and low cost however screw-retained prosthesis preserves gingival health and is retrievable that is achieved without damaging the restoration or any implant component. This case report presents a case with the replacement of a mandibular molar due to inadequate interocclusal distance for cement-retained prosthesis and the situation was managed with screw-retained UCLA abutment.

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Pardeep Bansal, Preetika Bansal, Kannupriya Aggarwal, Rithika Elsa George, & Prabjeet Kaur. (2023). Management of Limited Interocclusal Space Using Castableabutment - A Clinical Case. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 739–744. Retrieved from


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