Evaluation of Retention of Two Different Attachment Systems Used with Mandibular Implant -Retained Overdenturea Clinical Case Report

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Pardeep Bansal
Preetika Bansal
Prabjeet Kaur
Rithika Elsa George
Kannupriya Aggarwal


Dentists have a significant rolein improving their patients' oral health and quality of life with the help of the overdentures that support the implant. An atrophic mandible significantly impedes the successful oral rehabilitation with dental implants. An implant supported mandibular overdenture fabricated in this case report utilizes two implants placed in inter-foramina region and a dual retentive, resilient, self-locating locator and ball abutment attachment mechanism. Utilising locators and a ball abutment as the attachment, the dentist  canrapidly and satisfactorily meet the patient's functional, economic, and social needs.

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Pardeep Bansal, Preetika Bansal, Prabjeet Kaur, Rithika Elsa George, & Kannupriya Aggarwal. (2023). Evaluation of Retention of Two Different Attachment Systems Used with Mandibular Implant -Retained Overdenturea Clinical Case Report. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 728–738. Retrieved from https://jclmm.com/index.php/journal/article/view/1082


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