Aims & Scope

Content  Volume 5, Number 2, February, 2017, P47-P94

Shellfish Research

Bioaccumulation of cadmium in gills and muscles of shellfish from Pulicat lake, Tamil Nadu, India
Fish Research
Sustainable fingerling production technique of endangered Labeo calbasu (Hamilton, 1822) based on different
protein levels in ponds
Algal Research
Sulphated galactopyran derived from Gracilaria opuntia, a marine macroalgae restores the antioxidant metabolic
enzymes during STZ induced diabetic rats
Microbiological Research
In vitro antifungal activity against Candida species of Sri Lankan orthodox black tea (Camellia sinensis L.)
belonging to different agro-climatic elevations
Floral Research
A comparison study of the nutritional, mineral and volatile compositions of three dry forms of ginger rhizomes, and
antioxidant properties of their ethanolic and aqueous extracts
Effect of crude methanol leaf extract of Combretum racemosum on histamine-stimulated gastric secretion in rats
An in vitro study of the bioefficacy of essential oil blends against Aedes aegypti (Linn.) and Anopheles dirus (Peyton
and Harrison) by using membrane feeding apparatus
Ascaridole: A phytochemical of modern medicinal perspective