Aims & Scope

Content  Volume 4, Number 10, October, 2016, P757-P804

Malacological Research

Effect of salinity changes on haemocyte of pearl oyster Pinctada martensii
Fishes Research
A detailed report on mycobacteriosis in Pampus argenteus along the coast of Bay of Bengal, West Bengal, India
Algal Research
First harmful algal bloom record of tycoplanktonic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F. Stein, 1878 in the
Dardanelles (Turkish Straits System, Turkey)
Microbiology Research
The antibacterial capacity of marine bacteria isolated from sponge Acanthella cavernosa collected
from Lombok Island
Floral Research
Antioxidant and antifungal activities of two spices of mangrove plant extract
In vivo antiplasmodial activity of extract and fractions of Trema orientalis in P. berghei-induced malaria in mice
Antibacterial activity of Valeriana jatamansi against extended-spectrum β-lactamase producing Gram- negative
bacteria causing urinary tract infections
Changes in blood pressure indices in normotensive adults after the consumption of lemongrass tea
Epidemiologic Research
The sero-epidemiology of infectious mononucleosis in Neyshabur, Northeast Iran during 2010–2014
Prevalence and current antibiogram trend of bacterial isolates of urinary tract infections in outpatients at Helping
Hands Community Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
Review article
Overview of the application of nucleotide in aquaculture
Bioprospecting plants for natural antioxidants: An overview
Short Communication
Partridge embryo pathology in relation to gentamicin-induced lesions
Case Report
Masquerade syndrome: Retinoblastoma presenting as phacolytic glaucoma