Aims & Scope

Content Volume 2, Number 8, August, 2014 ,P589-P672

Fishes Biotics

Spatial and temporal distributions and some biological aspects of commercially important fish species of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Acanthocephalan (Echinorhynchus sp.) infection of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) from Nagapattinam, south east coast of India
Low-cost mobile hatchery produced silver barb (Barbodes gonionotus) fingerling: it's growth and economic performance in intensive culture system
The use of texture analysis in the vertebral morphometric study of a lordotic chub (Squalius cephalus L.)
Shrimps Biotics
Heat shock response of the blue crab Portunus pelagicus: thermal stress and acclimation
In vitro assessment of the effect of Undaria pinnatifida extracts on erythrocytes membrane integrity and blood coagulation parameters of Equus caballus
Algal Research
Litopenaeus vannamei immunestimulated with Macrocystis pyrifera extract: improving the immune response against Vibrio campbellii
Plankton Research
Risk associated with toxic blooms of marine phytoplankton functional groups on Artemia franciscana
Marine natural product, Pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine-1,4-dione, hexahydro- (C7H10N2O2) of antioxidant properties from Bacillus species at Lakshadweep archipelago
Flora Research
Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Shorea kunstleri
Phytochemical screening, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of fruit extracts of Calamus tenuis Roxb
Antibacterial potential of essential oils of the needles of Pinus halepensis against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli
Documentation of hypoglycemic and wound healing plants in Kodiyampalayam coastal village (southeast coast of India)
Case Report
Aspergillosis and proventricular impaction in an ostrich (Struthio camelus)
Letter to Editor
Compartment syndrome due to jelly fish poisoning
Conservation of freshwater turtles in Amazonia: retrospective and future prospects