Aims & Scope

Content Volume 2, Number 2, Feb, 2014, P85-168

Fishes Biotics

Diets of Halfbeak Hemiramphus lutkei (Valenciennes, 1847) from Karachi Coast, Pakistan

Antimicrobial and anticoagulant activities of the spine of stingray Himantura imbricata

Toxicological effects of ammonia on gills of Cyprinus carpio var. communis (Linn.)

Echinoderm Research
Osmotic shock as alternative method to control Acanthaster planci
Algal Research
Screening of phytochemicals and antimicrobial activity of Caulerpa scalpelliformis collected from Manapad Coast, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, South India
Evaluation of antibacterial activity of some selected green seaweed extracts from Muttam coastal areas, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India
Marine Environment
Orchomenella pinguis (amphipoda)-a possible species for heavy metal biomonitoring of marine sediments
Coastal Diseases
Paederus dermatitis
Microbiology Research
Detection transposable elements in Botrytis cinerea in latent infection stage from symptomless apples
In vitro biofilm forming capacity on abiotic contact surfaces by outbreak-associated Vibrio harveyi strains
Rhodotorula mucilaginosa BPT1 can form arthrospore in response to cold-temperature
Flora Research
Studies on bactericidal efficacy of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne) peel
Biodegradation of carcinogenic textile azo dyes using bacterial isolates of mangrove sediment
Aedes mosquito salivary immune peptides: boost or block dengue viral infections